About us

Lithuania is located near the Baltic Sea featuring the oldest amber, inimitable in its beauty. Amber has ideally preserved numerous samples of fauna and flora, which existed 40 – 60 million years ago. Small pieces of amber may disclose lots of the mysteries of the past. Continuing the traditions of ancient masters, we incorporated the company “Napoleonas”.

“Napoleonas” amber jewellery company established in 1991. Main company activity is production of jewellery articles made from Baltic amber for wholesale and retail market.

We create amber necklaces, bracelets, pendants, earrings, souvenirs, prayer beads, loose beads, semi-finished amber beads. We are offering Baltic Amber Raw materials for other creators and jewelers. Most of our work – individual products by client’s needs.

If you are searching for something new and custom, please contact us and we will help you, suggest you, and give you best advises for your choice!

All of our clients are welcome in our main factory and head office! If you want to visit us, please contact us and we will arrange the best time for a visit! Contacts