Browse our wholesale collection of exquisite Amber necklaces. Crafted with genuine Baltic Amber, these necklaces come in various designs and colors, appealing to a wide range of customer preferences. From pendant necklaces to beaded and statement pieces, we offer the perfect style for every individual. The natural beauty of Amber, with its rich honey tones and deep cognac hues, adds a timeless touch to any outfit. These necklaces are not only fashionable but also reputed for their healing properties, promoting positive energy and tranquility. Expand your inventory with our wholesale Amber necklaces and cater to customers seeking elegant and spiritually-inspired accessories. Contact us today to learn more about our wholesale program and explore our stunning collection.

Necklaces - Baby Teething Necklaces (85)

Necklaces - Cylinder Beads (10)

Necklaces - Disc & Rondelle Beads (7)

Necklaces - Mandarin Kolje (10)

Necklaces - Multi-string & Braided (40)

Necklaces - Round Beads (28)

Necklaces - Snake Chain (9)

Necklaces - Square & Cubic Beads (9)

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We specialize in producing custom-made amber jewelry and a range of other exquisite amber products tailored to your unique preferences.

Contact us today to discuss your individual orders and let us create the perfect custom amber jewelry or product that meets your exact specifications. We look forward to working closely with you to create something truly special.